Dear Customer

We are happy to announce we have rebranded our trade division in line with our consumer business, changing the name from Wine Way to Pieroth Trade.

In addition we have also created a new website and will shortly close Wine Way website and in fact we have already opened our new website Pieroth Trade

The new website will allow registered trade customers to order on line.


A warm welcome to the House of Pieroth Japan K.K, a company which blends the wine traditions handed down over generations with a modern approach.

Winegrowers since 1675, today the PIEROTH family is known all over the world as the ambassador of the wine culture.

Pieroth Japan K.K is much more than a Wine Importer. We are grape producer, winemaker, importer and distributor. We control our entire distribution channel in order to bring you the best value premium quality wines from all over the world.

To complete our own production we have selected for you exclusive top boutique wineries sharing the same philosophy, quality, uniqueness, ethics and authenticity.


Pieroth Japan offers to its valued customers, a large range of wines from all around the world.

From Australia, through Italy, to USA, this year again we have enhanced our portfolio with new producers highlighting our commitment to seek out world class wines that will add value to our customer’s business.

We know that our heritage and products are nothing without the expertise of our staff and the value of our service. In order to offer such a tailored service, we recently expanded our team and offices as well as opening our second distribution platform in West of Japan. With these new developments we are investing in the future and showing our commitment to all our estimated customers.

It took us 40 years to become one of the leaders in the Japan Wine distribution, and we warmly invite you to continue the journey with us.