Tenuta Di Valgiano

Tenuta di Valgiano is perched on the hills of "Lucchesia", squeezed between the Apennine mountain range and the Tyrrhenian coast. Purchased in 1992 by Moreno Pertini - a local guy on the hills of Lucca - and Laura di Collobiano, from Piemonte - she landed in Tuscany at the end of the Eighties, working in shipyard on the shore, in Viareggio. Here, she met Moreno and together they started managing the vineyard with the help of Saverio Petrilli who quit the winery in Chianti he was consulting, for a new, more challenging terroir. The surface of the vineyard is 16 hectares, and together with the olive grove, orchard, vegetables, pigs, chicken, guinea fowl and rabbits), sum up to a total surface of 40ha. All is farmed biodynamiccally ( Demeter Certification since 2002), using Alex Podolinky's method, so wheat fields, animals (bees), practical and pragmatic that it has entered nature in Valgiano without much struggling , giving positive result. After all these years, the vines and the soil have reached the ideal balance, producing healthy and juicy grapes which are processed manually. They will give a different wine very year expressing terroir and climate (which can vary drastically from one year to another). Only approx. 50,000 bottles a year are made in this corner of paradise and once the local market is satisfied, wines are shipped in many directions where character, smoothness, drinkability and balance are the requests for a wine to be drunk, appreciated and reordered. The liquid expression of a beautiful landscape, the Valagianisthan.

Vineyards and climate - Six hectares vineyard, average 40 years old, lying on soils formed during recent glaciations, deeply entrusted in the typical Tuscan coastal warm light and fresh Apennines climate.

In the cellar - Grapes and sorted on tables delivering directly into the oak vats, without using pumps* then are processed by foot plunging in order to obtain delicate extraction of tannin, colour etc.; in these conditions, max 15 days maceration are sufficient for a full extraction of aromas and quality tannin.

Maturation - After racking, the wine is allowed to briefly settled. Then, through gravity, it enters lightly toasted French oak barrels (No new oak), where it completes malolactic fermentation. Racking follows natural rhythms with air compressed rather than pumps. After 12 months wine is assembled in cement vat for another 6 months before bottling.

Bottling - No fining, no filtration, the bottles are simply washed with chlorine - free water.

Bottled 10,000.

Blend: Sangiovese 60%, Syrah 20% and Merlot 20%