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Country: Italy

Region: Lombardia

Producer: Ca Maiol

Grade: I.G.T.

Appellation: Valtenesi

Volume: 750ml

Vintage: 2015

Colour: Red

Varietals: Marzemino, Groppello, Barbera, Sangiovese

Style: Dry

Food Pairing: fried or grilled red meats, perfect with game.

Serving Temperature: 18 -20

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The smell reminds us of berries, a hint of tobacco and spices.


The choice of this invented name is linked to a word of ancient Rome, Giomelle, which means union of two things, in fact the wine Giomè is the union of two major grape varieties in the area of Lake Garda, Groppello,Marzemino, Barbera and Sangiovese.

These two grapes aged for 6 months in barriques controlled by a wise and continuous tasting from the barrel, which is brought to ripeness. After this period, the grapes are joined together with their aging give the possibility of an assembly, that is a blend that gives life to the wine Giome.

Medium-bodied with very balanced hints of wood. The annual production is about 55,000 bottles of 75cl.