Chass.Mont.Morgeot, R. Lequin-Colin

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Country: France

Region: Bourgogne

Producer: Domaine Rene Lequin-Colin

Grade: Premier Cru

Appellation: Chassagne Montrachet

Volume: 750ml

Vintage: 2016

Colour: White

Varietals: Chardonnay

Style: Dry

Serving Temperature: 12 -14

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Good depth of color the wine is a clear bright deep straw color.

Pronounced, fruity nose with hints of citrus, mineral and apple accompanied by oaky underertones Medium bodied, the aromas are reflected on the palate along with additional hazelnut and lemon nuances.

Well-balanced youthful, it has solid core of fresh mouthcoating fruit that echoes pleasantly on a long and persisten finish.